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How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio

Being an artist means creating works all the time. But those works should not be totally random, especially if you plan to follow that artistic path to something more professional. That means creating a portfolio. While that is well and good in theory, you must first know how to create a portfolio. What is anContinue reading “How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio”

The Importance of Art Education

There is some misconception that art is as simple as grabbing a brush or a pencil and seeing where your imagination takes you. And while that is certainly part of the equation, there is a lot more to it. Education is important when it comes to art. It has the potential to create more well-roundedContinue reading “The Importance of Art Education”

How to Use Photography to Create Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art has been growing in popularity these days. Given that photographers and artists are looking to create concept-driven, eye-catching, unique work, it makes all the sense in the world. Given all the creative individuals looking to transform their work, there can be a focus put on photography to create the mixed media artContinue reading “How to Use Photography to Create Mixed Media Art”

How Art Can Improve Heart Health

Art – either creating art or observing art – can benefit the body, brain, and heart. This applies to all kinds of art, including painting and drawing, writing, music, dancing, theater, and more. It also applies regardless of the skill of the artist; it is the process of creating and interpreting art, not artistic technique,Continue reading “How Art Can Improve Heart Health”

The World’s Most Unique Museums to Visit

There are over 500,000 museums worldwide, and each of them has its own secrets and surprises to uncover. But sometimes, you want something that’s a bit off the beaten path, or a place that offers works that you’ve never interacted with before. With that in mind, here are some of the world’s most unique museumsContinue reading “The World’s Most Unique Museums to Visit”

How Art Can Improve Mental Health

Nowadays, art is often regarded as an activity that is only worth something if it’s making you money. However, humans are hardwired to express themselves, and art is one of the most direct ways to let those emotions and opinions out. Creating art can be a huge boost for your mental health; here are someContinue reading “How Art Can Improve Mental Health”

How to Develop Your Own Unique Artistic Style

Learning how to make art is a long journey – you must develop technical skills and learn from the experts to have the tools to create. However, that isn’t the final step. Part of growing and developing as an artist is fostering the individual parts of your art that make it yours – your style.Continue reading “How to Develop Your Own Unique Artistic Style”

Sketching Tips for Beginners

For many artists, sketching is the foundation from which many other types of art are built. Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, an animator, or even a set designer, most projects begin with preliminary sketches to help you start interacting with the visual component of your work. Sketching every day is one of the bestContinue reading “Sketching Tips for Beginners”

The Top Five Most Famous Art Movements and Styles

Art is constantly shifting – because it’s so subjective, what’s considered “art” changes throughout time and space. As such, you can often divide art history into certain movements, though doing so may be a bit reductive. This describes a common style or technique that emerged during a particular time period, and each has its ownContinue reading “The Top Five Most Famous Art Movements and Styles”

Top Art Museums Around the World and the Masterpieces They House

Art museums are some of the most recognizable cultural institutions worldwide. No matter what country you’re from or how familiar you are with art, you’ve probably still heard of a few famous museums and the pieces that they contain.  If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing some of the world’s most iconic art up close andContinue reading “Top Art Museums Around the World and the Masterpieces They House”