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Soccer: The World’s Most Popular Sport

You just have to look at World Cup viewing numbers to understand that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, even if it never caught on as much in the United States. The World Cup in Russia, held in 2018, was watched by over 4 billion people, about 50% of the global population! 

Here are a few reasons why “the beautiful game” is so popular.


Soccer is popular around the world regardless of income levels because it is so accessible. Kids around the world can start a pick-up game with very little equipment. All you need is a ball (and you can make one yourself if you can’t afford that) and something to mark out a goal. You can play it anywhere, not just on a dedicated field. 

Even for people who are not sports fans, soccer is accessible thanks to its simple rules. You have to get the ball into the goal, and you get one point for each goal. That’s far simpler than baseball or American football. The relatively short gameplay of 90 minutes also makes it easier for newcomers.

Opportunities to Shine

Why do so many kids around the world dream of taking to the soccer field? It helps that in soccer, more than in many other sports, individual players can change the course of the game with a heroic act. Players have more leeway to change tactics. This makes the game more fun for players and viewers, who never know what can happen next. 

Global History and Reach

In some parts of the world, soccer has been the primary pastime for over a century. Many families have cheered for the same club for generations, which makes it that more special. Soccer is the only sport that has such a global reach.

Today, soccer has an amazing global reach thanks to massive marketing efforts to bring the game to new places.

There are so many other factors that make soccer popular, including its passionate fan culture and beautiful plays, but this list is a good start.

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Why it Is Never Too Late to Take an Interest in the Arts

“Life begins at 40.” “50 is the new 30.” There are more opportunities for mature adults these days than ever before, and the fine, practical, and performing arts are most definitely well represented here. Plenty of artists didn’t get started until well into middle age. Grandma Moses did not pick up a paintbrush until she was in her 70s. Claude Monet was not a serious artist until he was widowed in his 40s. Georgia O’Keefe did some of her best work in her senior years. Illustrator Lisa Congdon launched her career in her 40s and has written about other later-in-life women artists in A Glorious Freedom.

Be Proud to Be a Beginner

One of the privileges that comes with age is the ability to control one’s own destiny, and that can very well include starting from scratch in a new vocation or avocation. Being open to new experiences and further education is what keeps people young at heart, so embrace any opportunities that you have to start making art!

The process of learning new ideas and skills is very valuable in itself, and adding a creative outlet to your life will only enrich it. In addition, when you become active in the arts, you’ll meet plenty of people who you may never have encountered in a 9-to-5 office environment. Your artistic journey will take you to new and exciting places in your life.

Capitalize on Life Experience

Art celebrates the world, and the worldliness that comes with age can make your art more profound and meaningful. People who have lived full lives can color their art with those experiences, and that can only enrich what you have to offer.

Having decades of living, laughing, loving, and losing behind you (and in front of you still) will make your art authentic and help you relate to your audiences. Technical skills can be mastered through practice, but there is a depth of knowledge that can only be achieved through a life well lived.

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Understanding How Boxing Is Scored

Boxing is a beloved sport. Some heavyweight bouts become marquee events that attract massive audiences. However, many newcomers to the sport become confused by the scoring system.

Everyone understands that if you knock someone out, you win, but what about points? Here is a beginner’s guide to the scoring system.

An Overview of the Boxing Scoring System

Boxing didn’t always have a scoring system. In the earliest iterations of the sport, practiced by the ancient Egyptians and Maya, competitors fought until only one person was standing. Today, knockouts are less common than they were even at the beginning of modern boxing thanks to advances in safety equipment. Then, the sport developed a scoring system to determine a winner.

Three judges sit by the ring and dictate the scores. After each round, each judge gives the winner of the round ten points, and the loser nine. The judges don’t have to agree on the winner, and they can give both boxers ten points if they think they were evenly matched. This is called a “ten must” system. 

At the end of each round, a ringside official tallies up the scores from the judges. At the end of the bout, which lasts 12 rounds in professional boxing, the official tallies up all the scores from the rounds. If all the judges name one boxer as the winner, that’s a unanimous decision, but if only two out of three did, that’s a split decision win. There are some rarer outcomes such as judges disputing a match or deploying a three-knockdown rule, but we’ll stick to the basics for now.

How Judges Decide Their Scores

There are a few factors that judges consider when deciding their scores, besides the obvious knockdowns. They look at the effectiveness of a boxer’s aggression, strong defense, ring generalship or a controlling attitude in the ring, and the quality of the punches. 

There are so many factors affecting a score, it’s no wonder judges have to go through extensive training before they can score a match!

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Famous Artists Throughout History

It takes a lot for an artist to get credit for their brilliance. Unlike films, art is not something everybody understands. From the Renaissance to the Pop Art movement, here are some of the most famous artists in history whose work has transcended human understanding and made a name for itself.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was one of the most influential artists of his time. His work was heavily influenced by the ideas of symbolic art, and he was able to capture the mysterious pleasure of color in a way that many other artists cannot.

Claude Monet

Impressionists were among the most prominent groups of artists during the time of Claude Monet. During this artistic movement, Monet stuck out as one of the most prominent. He was able to capture the varying effects of light on the landscape through the use of vibrant colors. He also believed that the use of serial comparison could be applied to various subjects, which made his work even more distinct.

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo was known for her performance art. She used the medium of paint to explore her various vulnerabilities. Her work also portrayed her as an image of Mexico’s cultural heritage.

Her most popular works are the self-portraits that she created in surrealism. She portrayed herself as a martyr for physical and personal suffering, even though she had experienced various hardships throughout her life. Some of these included getting polio as a child, being severely injured as a teenager, and her strained relationship with fellow artist Diego Rivera.

Vincent Van Gogh

Despite being known for being mentally unstable, Vincent Van Gogh was still able to create some of the most popular and influential works of art during the time of his life. His techniques of painting with thick brushstrokes and vibrant colors were greatly influenced by other artists.

Jackson Pollock

After struggling with various issues throughout his life, including alcoholism and self-doubt, Jackson Pollock was able to transform his mistakes in a short period of time. During this time, he was able to create his most famous works by avoiding the use of an easel and instead throwing paint directly from the can. This unique style paints him as one of the most innovative artists to exist.

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How to Win at Darts

​​Darts are a lot of fun, and it is a sport enjoyed by people all over the world. People often want to know what they can do to improve and win, even at the professional level. Continue reading to learn how to win at darts. 

Use a Quality Dart

You should use a dart that helps you get the right results when you are playing. You can get darts in different shapes, and people often like those that have dart tips made from bristles. They help you win because this dart tip is more precise than others. 

Practice Regularly

The best way to improve your skills is to practice regularly. In addition to practicing in a casual environment, you can participate in tournaments so that you can get better. 

Work on Strengthening Your Arms

People often don’t realize that it helps them to have strong arms. When you work out and strengthen your arms, you will have better stamina. You will be able to throw accurately throughout the game. Otherwise, you might start off strong and find that you are having trouble toward the end of the game. 

Make Sure That You Can See Well

You need to make sure that you wear your glasses if you need them, and learn to focus on the dart board. You need to look at the board and keep your eyes on the target as you throw the darts. Continue practicing so that you are able to keep your eyes on the dart board every time. 

Stay Calm

Work on staying calm throughout the game. You will be trying to remember everything you have learned, and you might feel pressure at times. The important thing is to practice controlling your breathing so that you can stay calm and do your best. 

Speak Positive Affirmations

Another way that you can win is by making sure that you speak positive affirmations to yourself. You can practice so that you have them ready while you are playing. You can find a book full of positive affirmations and memorize those that you can relate to. They can motivate you and give you confidence when it is time to play.

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The Most Sociable Sports

We generally know sports to be competitive. But what about the sports where gathering with a few friends is not only encouraged, but the norm? It can put the fun back in the sporting event instead of making it a life or death endeavor.

But which sports are the most sociable? Here are a few sports that you can partake in with a few friends, enjoying their company and the game at the same time.


At local recreation centers and sports clubs in just about any area of the country is a tennis club. It is a great sport for being sociable with not only members of your team, but the rest of the club as well. That’s not even talking about the structure of most leagues.

With league ladders that operate over many clubs, it means that players of different levels and clubs will become familiar to one another in no time.


Golf is one of the most inherently social sports that there is and with good reason. Even on the professional levels, golfers are paired together when they shoot their rounds. It fosters conversation and camaraderie.

On a less competitive level, golf can mean sharing several miles of walking over a golf course with friends or other golfers. There are even some courses that offer refreshments at the 9th hole, offering the perfect setting for golfers to come together and socialize with one another. And that’s not even covering the clubhouse or the 19th hole where all of the real social interaction begins.


The most sociable games are the ones where players can just kind of hang out and chat while the game is going on. Given that darts is one of the most popular bar sports out there, it only makes sense that it would wind up on this list.

There is nothing like a little bit of alcohol and friendly competition to get the conversation flowing. Plus, there are few things quite as fun and impressive as hitting a bullseye with regularity.

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Creating Your Own Art Studio at Home

Being creative, artistic even, is something that everyone should explore. But the greatest complaint of those with a creative streak in them is a lack of space. Making art shouldn’t be confined to a tiny spot, there needs to be freedom to explore.

Most of the time, that means doing art within the comforts of the home. If you think that you don’t have the space to accommodate making art, think again. There are more than a few ways to create your own art studio.

Take a Corner

If you think that you don’t have the space to be creative, think again. It all depends on your imagination and how much ingenuity you have. Try dividing a room or even taking a corner to make it your own artistic space.

Get a desk and some shelving and create your own art space. Keep all of your art materials within that space and it will feel like a space separate from the rest of the room. With time, you can rearrange things as they fit most for your needs.

Convert a Closet

Sometimes there may not be much space in a room, so getting creative is necessary. If you have closet space that you aren’t making good use of, consider turning that space into your own creative haven instead.

With a small desk, some mini shelving, and a chair, you will have enough to create a makeshift art studio. Maybe not ideal for those who don’t like being in tight spaces while they work.

Fold Down Table

Having a garage, basement, or attic is too simple. Excess space is easy to work with. But when you have very limited space, like living in a studio apartment, making the most of that space is crucial.

With a fold down table, you can keep your art station stored away until you are ready to use it. With the proper storage, no one will know that you have an art studio thanks to the easy hidability.

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Top Sports Competitions Around the World

Sports have a way of bringing people together like no other activity can. There are more than a few events that happen each year that draw in thousands of fans, sometimes from around the world.

So, what are the top sports competitions across the globe? There are more than a few that stand above the rest.

Stanley Cup Finals

Hockey is a game like no other. The pace is lightning fast, and every player is throwing their body around with reckless abandon. The tension is high at all times, meaning every goal results in an explosive cheer or a deafening silence.

Attracting millions of viewers each year, the Stanley Cup Finals is about finding the best team in the world and awarding them with one of the coolest trophies in sports: the Stanley Cup.

Indianapolis 500

As far as racing goes, there may be no more famed race than the Indianapolis 500. It is 500 miles of legendary speedway, creating some of the biggest moments in the history of the sport.

Even better, it is synonymous with Memorial Day as it happens every year on the holiday. While the views are in the millions, it is the live attendance that really makes eyes pop with numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

College Football National Championship

This game has become a spectacle in recent years as college football continues to be a focal point in the sports world. Think of it as the SuperBowl of college football. It takes the two highest-ranked teams in the land and pits them against one another, though there is usually some controversy along the way.

The game itself is a huge spectacle, drawing tens of millions of viewers along the way. There are also tens of thousands more in the stadium, screaming for their favorite team.


When it comes to football, this is the game. It is the game seemingly everyone talks about and for good reason. It is a spectacle like no other, creating legends in just a few short hours, cementing legacies along the way.

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How to Develop Your Ideas as an Artist

Artists and creative people in general can have the ideas flowing at times. But those ideas are just that -ideas. It takes a certain ability to develop those ideas into something more fully formed.

If you are an artist with a lot of ideas but aren’t sure how to develop them, there are more than a few ways to do so.

Finding a Theme

Part of the battle is in finding and selecting a theme. With the right original, visually complex, personally relevant theme, it can mean holding yours and your viewers’ attention for up to a year depending on the topic.

Having a theme that really plays to that level of creativity can be a great way to not only provide inspiration but also a level of focus that would not have been there otherwise. That focus is crucial when it comes to developing those ideas.

Sketch it Out

When the theme is apparent, there are still a variety of mediums to choose from. Finding the right medium can feel uncertain, so take the time to grab your sketchbook and complete anywhere from 4 to 10 drawings.

Experiment with different mediums like colored pencils, black and white ink, acrylic, watercolor, oils, and more. By trying out a variety of different colors and tones, it can help bring the vision that you have for your idea into greater clarity. The sketches can be as complete as you want them to be, the goal is just to explore the topic through visual research.

Pick an Artist Related to the Subject

Sometimes the best way to flesh out those ideas is to find someone who has already done something similar. Going with an artist who inspires you and has works related to the subject matter is a great way to not only draw inspiration, but to focus on that idea.

Creative ideas can be fringe at best. Bringing it into clarity takes time and focus. The latter can be almost honed with time to create a more effective method.

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How Museums are Adapting to Survive

The COVID-19 pandemic has had huge impacts on businesses everywhere. One industry that has been greatly impacted are museums. How does a business model based on visitors survive when there is a global pandemic?

Museums are being forced to adapt in order to survive. Here are a few of the ways in which they are adapting in hopes of survival.

Take Advantage of Closings

The first thing that museums are doing to adapt is to take advantage of the closings. Maybe there are projects that have been delayed for one reason or another. With the closings from the pandemic, it is a great time to get those changes made.

With renovations or major projects done, it can create a new look and feel for the museum. That gives patrons a feeling that they must see this “new” museum. Plan those renovations around a re-opening event.

Get Topical

Depending on the museum in question, there is a chance to integrate recent history into the different exhibits. The German Medical Museum of Ingolstadt, for instance, created an exhibit called “COVID-19 & History.”

It is a great way to turn the pandemic into something that can be used to create new and different exhibits and features. It also can provide an environment for proper understanding and discussion of what we are enduring as a society.

Digital Collections

The biggest change that museums are implementing is utilizing digital collections. This is a great way to provide accessibility to visitors who may have wanted to come but may not feel comfortable given the current climate and concerns surrounding COVID.

Moreover, it gives visitors different and more convenient ways to see the exhibits they want. Like it or not, fewer people are willing to buy tickets, get in the car, head to the museum, and walk around for hours. Not when they could simply log into the museum website and enjoy a virtual tour from the comfort of their own home any time that they want.

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