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Five Important Art Movies

Plenty of art-related movies can be enjoyed on the big screen. From period dramas to documentaries about famous artists, plenty of films explore the world of art. 

  1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

In Céline Sciamma’s Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, the story revolves around a young artist commissioned to create a portrait of a wealthy family’s daughter. While we love the premise of forbidden love in France’s 18th century, this movie delivers more depth than expected. The film’s intimate setting is mainly achieved by the sounds of fire, waves, and paint brushing against a rough canvas. It’s also revealed that painting someone you’re in love with can simultaneously be tragic and charming.

  1. At Eternity’s Gate

If you’re a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, then this film is for you. It’s based on the artist’s final years in France and features an incredible performance by Willem Dafoe. The film follows the artist’s descent into madness as his world becomes more chaotic. The film explores various aspects of Van Gogh’s life, such as his love for art, mysterious death, and his sole relationship with his brother Theo and fellow artist Paul Gauguin.

  1. Frida

Based on the real-life story of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, the film features an incredible performance by actress and film icon Salma Hayek. Through her work, she became one of the most prominent and talented artists of the 20th century. Through her relationships with Leon Trotsky and Diego Rivera, the film reveals the incredible hardships she endured during her short life.

  1. Midnight In Paris

When Gil, a nostalgic novelist, finds himself in Paris at night, he gets lost in time and meets a few historical figures. He then begins to dream about a life he would like to lead. If Owen Wilson were to play the lead role in the film, the city’s incredible tapestry would be his co-star. The film’s poster features the city as Van Gogh’s famed Starry Night blues and yellows. After that, the film looks at other famous artists such as Salvador Dal, Man Ray, and Pablo Picasso.

  1. Loving Vincent

The film, the first feature-length animation about Vincent Van Gogh, follows the mysterious death of the artist through the story of his friend, Armand. He is tasked with delivering his last letter to his brother, Theo. He learns more about the artist’s life through his interactions with people who knew him.

The film masterfully uses the artist’s work for its background and characters. Through his paintings, the movie has re-imagined various individuals he painted as modern actors. One of these is Chris O’Dowd, who plays Joseph Roulin. The film’s animators used over 66,000 frames of oil to create this effect. The creative ingenuity behind the film is worth checking out.

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