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Habits of Successful Athletes

Despite popular belief, the most successful athletes are not in the position because of pure skill. Sure, there is a lot of skill involved, but what makes a successful athlete is their habits.

The top-performing athletes on the planet all have their habits. Here are just a few of those habits and how they can help athletes grow to reach their potential.

Rest and Recovery

The body of an athlete can do some pretty incredible things. But pushing the limits of the athlete’s body may create some limitations, which means taking the time to restore that body.

Every great athlete needs to take the time to help their body recover, which should be part of any training regimen. Muscles need to be restored, giving them the right amount of protein or staying hydrated. When properly cared for, the body can do some incredible things.

A Dynamic Warmup

The great athletes don’t just suddenly show up and start performing at a high level. Just as when tackling a high-intensity workout, performing at a high level means beginning with a dynamic warmup.

As a great athlete, warmups are non-negotiable because they enhance performance, help prevent injury, and so much more. It gets the muscles ready to take on the high-intensity demands of being a great athlete.

Listening to the Body

One of the biggest mistakes athletes makes is pushing through obvious signs that the body is failing. When things are being pushed beyond their limits, the body will make it known. Great athletes listen to what their bodies are telling them.

There are times when that may not matter — winning a world championship, for instance — but taking the time to scale back can mean preventing injury, keeping those performances stronger for longer periods. But it starts by recognizing the signals that the body gives to each athlete.


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