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The Most Sociable Sports

We generally know sports to be competitive. But what about the sports where gathering with a few friends is not only encouraged, but the norm? It can put the fun back in the sporting event instead of making it a life or death endeavor.

But which sports are the most sociable? Here are a few sports that you can partake in with a few friends, enjoying their company and the game at the same time.


At local recreation centers and sports clubs in just about any area of the country is a tennis club. It is a great sport for being sociable with not only members of your team, but the rest of the club as well. That’s not even talking about the structure of most leagues.

With league ladders that operate over many clubs, it means that players of different levels and clubs will become familiar to one another in no time.


Golf is one of the most inherently social sports that there is and with good reason. Even on the professional levels, golfers are paired together when they shoot their rounds. It fosters conversation and camaraderie.

On a less competitive level, golf can mean sharing several miles of walking over a golf course with friends or other golfers. There are even some courses that offer refreshments at the 9th hole, offering the perfect setting for golfers to come together and socialize with one another. And that’s not even covering the clubhouse or the 19th hole where all of the real social interaction begins.


The most sociable games are the ones where players can just kind of hang out and chat while the game is going on. Given that darts is one of the most popular bar sports out there, it only makes sense that it would wind up on this list.

There is nothing like a little bit of alcohol and friendly competition to get the conversation flowing. Plus, there are few things quite as fun and impressive as hitting a bullseye with regularity.

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