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Top Sports Competitions Around the World

Sports have a way of bringing people together like no other activity can. There are more than a few events that happen each year that draw in thousands of fans, sometimes from around the world.

So, what are the top sports competitions across the globe? There are more than a few that stand above the rest.

Stanley Cup Finals

Hockey is a game like no other. The pace is lightning fast, and every player is throwing their body around with reckless abandon. The tension is high at all times, meaning every goal results in an explosive cheer or a deafening silence.

Attracting millions of viewers each year, the Stanley Cup Finals is about finding the best team in the world and awarding them with one of the coolest trophies in sports: the Stanley Cup.

Indianapolis 500

As far as racing goes, there may be no more famed race than the Indianapolis 500. It is 500 miles of legendary speedway, creating some of the biggest moments in the history of the sport.

Even better, it is synonymous with Memorial Day as it happens every year on the holiday. While the views are in the millions, it is the live attendance that really makes eyes pop with numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

College Football National Championship

This game has become a spectacle in recent years as college football continues to be a focal point in the sports world. Think of it as the SuperBowl of college football. It takes the two highest-ranked teams in the land and pits them against one another, though there is usually some controversy along the way.

The game itself is a huge spectacle, drawing tens of millions of viewers along the way. There are also tens of thousands more in the stadium, screaming for their favorite team.


When it comes to football, this is the game. It is the game seemingly everyone talks about and for good reason. It is a spectacle like no other, creating legends in just a few short hours, cementing legacies along the way.

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