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Arthur Pixler – Community Involved retiree and former educator

Arthur Pixler is a Fenton, Iowa-based retiree and pillar of the community. He has had a long career prior to retirement, with more than 4 decades of work in the education field. As a superintendent he was responsible for a diverse and populous student body. Prior to his superintendent work, he had been a teacher, coach, and principle. Today, he is largely involved with community-involved activities, which have given him a warm and loving place to continue giving back to the people. His work has been a great aid to the community’s future generations, and he continues to help the current members any way he can.

Arthur Pixler’s Latest Posts

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Aside from having immense physical talent, being an Olympic athlete also requires psychological control. Sports psychologists have studied the psychological factors that make great athletes for decades. One of the most critical factors a great athlete must consider is their passion for their sport. This passion can help them avoid stress and improve their performance.…

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Uncommon Sports Of The World

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